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Heat Treatment Preparation Guide

Explore our comprehensive guide to prepare your home or business for our specialized heat treatment. This section outlines essential steps to ensure effective and safe heat treatment for any of our services like bedbugs, viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew. Learn how to prepare various items and areas—from beds and clothing to sensitive electronics and personal valuables—to optimize the treatment's effectiveness and protect your belongings. Please complete the Pre-Treatment Form & Follow these guidelines to create the ideal conditions for a successful heat treatment process


  • Airbeds: Partially deflate and unplug from the outlet.

  • Waterbeds: Completely drain for effective treatment.

  • Positioning: Place beds at least 2 feet away from walls.

  • Under-bed Storage: Clear all items for better heat penetration.


  • Our team will manage the removal and handling of linens.

Mattresses and Furniture:

  • Keep plastic wrapping on for protection.

  • For infested items to be discarded, seal and label them properly before disposal.


  • Clothes in Drawers: Can remain if not tightly packed.

  • Hanging Clothes: Ensure adequate spacing for air circulation.

  • Other Clothes: Place loosely in open-weave baskets (avoid plastic bags).

  • Post-Treatment: Launder clothes on high heat for 30 minutes and store in sealed containers.


  • Include all luggage from storage areas in the treatment space.

Clutter and Stored Items:

  • Reduce clutter and relocate items to the room's center.

  • Dispose of non-essential items.

Additional Precautions:

  • Mobility Aids: Include wheelchairs and scooters in treatment.

  • HVAC Settings: Turn off air conditioning and fans, close windows.

  • Cleaning: Vacuum thoroughly and dispose of the bag.

Heat-Sensitive and Fragile Items:

  • Remove: Pressurized cylinders, firearms, flammable items, vinyl records, perishable foods, wax-based products, alcohol, sensitive electronics, plants, pets, valuable artwork, antique furniture, and musical instruments.

  • Secure: Wall decorations, picture frames, paper stacks, and other delicate items.

  • Electronics: Unplug devices, but leave for treatment (check manufacturer's temperature limits).

  • Plants and Pets: Remove for their safety.

Valuables and Sentimental Items:

  • Safeguard irreplaceable heirlooms, jewelry, and personal belongings.

By following these guidelines, you ensure a safe and effective heat treatment process. For more detailed information and specific concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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