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Turn Up The Heat For A 100% Kill

Updated: Jan 29

Bedbug Heat Treatment

Whether you need residential or commercial bed bug removal, it's crucial to choose a method that is both fast and effective. Traditional spray treatments might require multiple applications and still may not work as quickly or effectively as desired. Additionally, the cost can add up with repeated treatments until the bed bugs are completely eradicated. At Thermal Specialists, our heat treatment offers outstanding results from the very first application. By applying high heat to targeted areas of your home or business, we can swiftly eliminate these persistent pests. This method is an ideal choice for both commercial and residential bed bug removal, ensuring a quick return to normalcy.

Our heat treatment is a unique and effective way to eradicate bed bugs on contact. We raise the temperature in the affected areas of your home or business to above 130 degrees, creating a zone lethal to bed bugs. This process is quick and thorough, as the heat penetrates every crack and crevice, leaving no hiding place for bed bugs. Once the treatment is complete, you can enjoy a clean, bed bug-free environment.

Contact Thermal Specialists today to schedule your free consultation and take the first step towards an effective bed bug solution. Our method not only promises efficiency but also offers peace of mind, knowing that the problem is being handled swiftly and thoroughly.

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