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Thermal Specialists: Eco-friendly, budget-friendly bedbug heat treatments

100% Effective, Low-Cost Bedbug Extermination for Homes Rental Properties & Businesses

Discrete Bedbug Pest Services


100% Effectiveness:
Eradicates all life stages of bedbugs, ensuring complete removal.

Discretion Assured:
Understanding the sensitivity of bedbug issues, our service is discreet. Our vehicles are plainly marked "Thermal Specialists", and our staff, when queried, will mention they are there for "heat odor control and sanitation". We respect your privacy, ensuring bedbug extermination doesn't need to be public knowledge.

Eco-Friendly Approach:
Non-chemical, heat treatment method safe for your environment.

Budget-Friendly Solutions:
Quality pest control at affordable prices.

Local Expertise:
Based in Gloversville, NY, with extensive knowledge of the Fulton, Montgomery, Saratoga, and Albany county areas.

Fast and Reliable:
Quick response and efficient service to address your pest problems promptly.

Safety First:
Our methods are safe for your home, business, and loved ones.

Customer Satisfaction:
Dedicated to providing a hassle-free, effective pest control experience.


Discreet Arrival: Our team arrives in unmarked or simply marked "Thermal Specialists" vehicles at the scheduled time.

Preparation Check: We conduct a walk-through to ensure everything is ready for the treatment.

Equipment Setup: We install a heater and vents outside, while inside, air movers are set up to create a convection oven-like environment.

Temperature Monitoring: We carefully monitor and adjust temperatures to deeply penetrate all areas, including bedding and furniture.

Completion and Cleanup: After the treatment, we'll bag any items for laundering and provide instructions.

Detailed Report: You'll receive a comprehensive report detailing the treatment process.


Affordable, One-Time Treatment Pricing 
Save Time and Money

Beat bedbugs in one go with our heat treatment, saving you time and money. Forget multiple, costly chemical treatments that don’t guarantee results. Our one-time, effective method means less hassle and expenses for you. Quick, cost-effective, and complete bedbug removal, all in one smart solution.

Preparation, Prevention & Education

Learn key strategies for pest control in our 'Preparation, Prevention & Education' section. Here, we equip you with essential tips for readying your space for treatment, methods to prevent future infestations, and insights into pest behavior. Gain the knowledge needed for a lasting, pest-free environment.

bedbug heat treatment prep guide
bedbug PREVENTION tips
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